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Are estimates provided at no charge?
We are always glad to provide you with a "no obligation" free estimate.

How do you schedule projects?
Most remodel projects are typically scheduled in priority of when we receive approval from the client to move forward with their proposed work.
In order to provide a client with the best service and timely completion for medium size to larger jobs, we intentionally do not schedule multiple jobs to be in progress at the same time. We focus on one project at a time through to completion. Although there is usually some flexibility for scheduling smaller jobs or repairs at the same time.

Do you work on small projects?
Yes, including home repairs.

Do you do roofing and siding?
No. Our specialty is interior remodeling and finish woodworking.

Do you install "Vinyl Replacement Windows"
Yes, we use Harvey Brand vinyl replacement windows due to their high quality construction, highly efficient insulating values and attractive designs. They are competitively priced, have superior warranties and are made right here in the U.S.

We also use Andersen®, Matthews® and Marvin® windows for custom replacement of an existing window or windows and for new construction such as in a new addition.

For exterior doors, we typically use Therma-Tru® Doors, known in the industry for well made and long lasting doors. Their doors are constructed with full composite material including the door jambs...No more rotting doors and jambs. Click here for Additional Information within our website about windows and doors.

Who supplies cabinets, countertops and finish fixtures for a kitchen or bathroom remodel?
Typically, the homeowner works directly with a kitchen designer to purchase cabinetry directly from the manufactures. This way the client gets to choose exactly what they want in regard to style, color and finish. They also save money by purchasing direct using the services of a kitchen designer. It is an easy process. We are always glad to refer you to the right kitchen designer if you do not have one of your own or know of none.
We always work with our clients to help guide them with their choices and help explain about certain specifications, etc.

For kitchen and bathroom design, cabinetry and countertops, we typically refer our customers to HomeScapes at Cape Cod Lumber Co., conveniently located in Abington, Massachusetts. In addition to their large, modern and beautiful showroom, they have expert designers who will expertly and efficiently develop a well laid out kitchen plan. They will also place your order for the cabinets and coordinate the countertop vendor. Their experience, knowledge and reliablity makes it all very easy. They offer a nice variety of quality brands to suit many budgets.

What are your job-site conditions like during remodeling work?
We take care to work efficiently and cleanly so as to keep things organized as we work. We install floor and stairway protections as needed and protect other rooms from any dust. At the end of each day we always leave the work are clean, organized and ready for the next day's work.

Your sub-contractors?
Our sub-contractors include: Electrician, plumber, drywall, painting, tiling and demo. We have been working with these same reliable and highly qualified sub-contractors for more than ten years now.

Do you work under a Building Permit?
That depends upon the nature and the extent of the work involved. Most remodel work requires a building permit. As a licensed and register Home Improvement Contractor, we apply for the building permit with whichever city or town the work is being done in. The building inspector performs progressive inspections during the job.
It is always sound practice to work under a building permit when required.

FYI...For building permits, cities and towns generally charge from approximately $10.00 to $12.00 per $1,000.00 of the total contract price.

Do you work in condominiums?
Yes, remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. As a matter of course, the condominium association should be made aware of any proposed interior remodeling to be done.
Depending upon the nature and extent of the proposed interior remodeling, a building permit may still be required.
(Any exterior remodeling, window or exterior door replacements, etc., must first be approved by the condominium association.)

What services do you offer commercial spaces such as retail stores or offices?
We offer custom designed/built shelving, display cases, counters, partitions, finish woodworking and other certain specific interior upgrades.