Bathroom Updates and Renovations

As a full service remodeling contractor, we also provide quality bathroom remodeling services.

Bathroom Basic Update

A basic bathroom update often consists of replacing sink faucets, sinks, toilet, tub & shower fixtures, vanity, counter top and painting walls and wood trim only.

Bathroom Full Remodel

A full bathroom remodel will usually include those new items as shown in the Basic Bathroom Update and may also include removing drywall from the walls and/or ceiling to expose the framing. By exposing the framing, any existing plumbing fixtures (faucets-sinks-tub-toilet) and electrical fixtures (lighting-outlets switches-exhaust fans) can be properly installed and/or re-located in the bathroom as needed. Depending on the size of the bathroom, exposing the framing, allows for re-locating an existing wall to change the footprint of the bathroom to accommodate the new updated design. Often times existing bathroom walls are covered with tile or some form of RFP or wood paneling. Removing the tile or paneling usually leaves an unacceptable surface for the new finish.

A Full Bathroom Remodel usually includes these new items, for example:
-Sinks, faucets, toilet, tub-shower and faucets
-Vanities, mirrors and/or medicine cabinets
-Tiling of floors, walls, & showers
-Heat mat under floor tile
-Finish woodwork trim

There are many options and price ranges for bathroom plumbing and electrical fixtures. We are available to assist with helping you choose your plumbing and electrical fixtures that will harmonize well with each other and fit within your desired budget.